By Krystin Railing

I see the look of confusion set into people’s eyes when I say “I got certified as a Fire Walking Instructor!”. I can hear innate flight or flight fear responses kick in at just the thought of walking on FIRE or GLASS as they respond  “Can’t you burn yourself?” “How can that be possible?“”Doesn’t that scare you?” And so on..

Yes, In those moments before, you better believe I get scared! My palms get sweaty, my heart races. I KNOW I’m capable but I FEEL fear.  I’m standing in front of broken shards of glass or 1,200 degrees of fire. I know very well i can cut myself or burn myself if I’m not paying attention. Though I’ve never seen anyone seriously injured in my 2 years of fire walking, but even so, my mind quickly goes to childhood trauma I had with fire.

When I was 10 years old my house burned to the ground and I lost everything, Including my pets, clothes and photos. I was devastated and lived a life of complete fear, doubt and hesitation for 15 years, knowing that at any time everything could be taken away from me. I could not, see fire, be near fire,  no way could I ever imagine WALKING on fire. I certainly wasn’t “brave”, I was scared all the time.

It wasn’t until fire walking did I realize that being brave isn’t about never feeling fear in the face of perceived danger. Being brave is about what choices I make every time I do feel that fear, which is daily. Should I just not even try because failure is an option, because I’ve seen failure first hand? NO! I must try anyhow.

So now I am standing in front of the 1,200* of fire. If I stand there and replay all my fears and failures in my head, I will lose focus and hesitate. But the second I move forward onto the bed, I have no mental space for fear because that task ahead of me needs 100% of my full attention. If I focus on how all my fears I will surely lose focus, lose my footing and injure myself, but if I focus, I succeed. So for 30 seconds I am 100% focused.

Moments after, I no longer feel fear, but focused elation. I’m relaxed, empowered and centered, in other words I’m in an optimized peak mental state, I feel grounded and alert. When I am in that heightened state of awareness it is both soothing and empowering at the same time. Pure bliss. And it’s up to me what I do in this state of mind,  because I now know anything is possible.

And this is a feeling that carries on for days, weeks and even month if cultivated correctly. So now I have a way to turn a life crippling fear into a motivational tool that helps me feel confident to achieve larger goals than I ever dreamed imaginable including starting a non profit organization called Elemental Empowerment.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a fire walking instructor through the Firewalking Center, please check out the Firewalking Instructor Training Course in January 2019! I highly recommend it!


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