APRIL 22nd – 24th 2022

Presented by The Firewalking Center in Palm Bay, Florida, USA

The Firewalking Center’s time-tested seminars, created by Tolly Burkan and lead by master firewalker Kevin Axtell, are designed to help you recognize the thoughts, forces, and patterns inside of your mind, that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you deserve and desire. Over the course of three intense days, in a group setting, you will learn all the lessons and techniques you need to know in order to conduct your own firewalking and empowerment seminars. It will also remind you, and help you relearn how you can surpass your own self-creating limitations, to achieve your goals and take control of your life. Join for these three days and we assure you, you will leave a changed, more empowered person!

The group size is limited to 25 participants. We do expect this course to sell out so reserve your space today!

Registration is easy, just visit the Ticket Page here!

In this program, you will learn to facilitate the FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES-

Walking Barefoot on Broken Glass
Board Breaking and Brick Breaking

<— Glass Walking

Arrow Breaking on your Throat
Steel Rebar Bending on your Throat

Trust Fall

Trust Falls

You will ALSO learn to create and teach the FOLLOWING WORKSHOPS-
Overcoming Fears, Obstacles, and Limiting Beliefs
Goal Setting and Achievement
Reprogramming the Mind
Team Building
Discovering Your True Potential
Creating/Customizing Your Own Reality Workshop

Low Ropes Course Activities and Games

We cover every aspect of firewalking including safety, where to get the wood types needed, how to prepare the glass, where to get rebar, the arrows, liability, presentation skills, and much more.

You get personal attention and customized instruction based on your individual needs.

With the successful completion of the course, you will be a Certified Firewalk Instructor through The Firewalking Center and be qualified to lead firewalks for other people..

Class size is limited so reserve your space today.

Registration is easy, just visit the Ticket Page here!

Course fee $2500
Early bird course fee $2000


Director of The Firewalking Center, Kevin has been personally mentored for over a decade from Firewalking legend Tolly Burkan himself. He has also had the opportunity to learn in person from many of the global leaders in firewalking including: Peggy Dylan, Rolph and Owsa Beckman, John Maisel, and Charles Horton. This has resulted in one of the most well rounded and thorough understandings of firewalking in the world.

In 2009 Kevin acquired his Master Firewalking Instructor level certification from The Firewalking Institute. Since then he has led firewalking trainings all over the world including: Spain – Australia – Amsterdam – Mexico – as well as over 20 different states in the USA

KevinLogoHis firewalking credits include a host of television and commercial projects, including: working with Pepsi and Superstar Usher, a Mythbusters Episode, a Rad Girls Episode and a Doritos Commercial, as well as several news segments around the country and documentary features.

Anyone who has seen him perform live knows he is a passionate fire performer as well. Kevin is internationally recognized as one the best fire spinners on the planet today. Also an event producer, Kevin is now General Manager for the FIREDRUMS Festival, the country’s largest and longest running Fire Dancing and Flow Arts Festival.