It was an early afternoon and the sun pierced through the tall patio doors of The Firewalking Center in Twain Hart, California. I sat calmly in my chair as I hung onto every word of Tolly Burkan’s deep and emotionally charged story. I did not expect to feel such an impact from my time at The Firewalking Center, but it helped me gain a deeper understanding of the undeniable benefits of firewalking.The Firewalking Center Home of Tolly Burkan Firewalking

I had my first firewalking experience a few months before I stepped foot into The Firewalking Center . I didn’t know what to expect, but afterward I was hooked. The energy, connection, and transformation that occurred during the firewalk was so impactful that I had to dive even deeper into the rabbit hole.

During my research, I came across Tolly Burkan online. I watched his videos on firewalking and was in awe. Tolly is responsible for introducing firewalking to the mainstream. His long, impressive history drew me in, and I knew I had to apply for the Firewalking Intensive/Instructor Training seminar.

Once the seminar began, my life took a whole different direction. The Firewalking Center gave me more than just the basic firewalking set up – It gave me a deeper connection with myself, the clarity for the calling in my life, and the knowledge to change other people’s lives around the world.

The Firewalking Center with Tolly Burkan was more than worth the cost of the seminar.  In our life, we can recall experiences just from learning something new. This seminar gave me numerous experiences that pull me right back to that afternoon in Twain Hart, California. Even though I can’t tell you what story Tolly was telling in that moment, I will never forget how I felt in that moment. It is a feeling I hold onto every day.

Create an experience that you will never forget, and let the Firewalking Center change your perspective on your life and the world around you!

Jake Nawrocki Operation Self Reset



Jacob Nawrocki is a professional firefighter, motivational speaker, best selling author, husband, father, graduate of The Firewalking Center’s Firewalking Instructor Training and founder of Operation Self Reset, a thriving (and fast growing) community of people like you who want to become MORE… more motivated… more self-confident… and more understanding of their true potential. He has a #1 rated self help Podcast, a blog, and lots more resources for people like you looking to enrich their lives.  Contact Jacob for more information about his speaking engagements!   Be sure to like Operation Self Reset on Facebook!