I am still in awe over all the amazingness I experienced at Pyrotrania last weekend. I met so many cool people, who came from near and far to partake in this year’s empowerment and training retreat, designed specifically for the fire arts aficionado.

The producers of Pyrotrania, renowned fire artists Kevin Axtell and Jermemiah Johnston, sold out their event this year, which was limited to 30 participants. Pyrotrania is sure to keep growing each year, as word gets out and the community continues to grow.  Next is the  Southern California Pyrotrania, October 21-23, 2016!  Tickets go on sale March 1st, are limited and sell out fast! So be sure to check follow them on Facebook for upcoming events. glow

The three day event, started with a meet and greet, with fun activities where we all got to know each other. The night continued as we broke into two groups, and we each did a full fire and fuel depot safety presentation with Kevin and a cool black light glow-flow photo shoot with Jeremiah.

Pyrotrania The Firewalking Center Home of Tolly Burkan Kevin Axtell Steve Consalvez

Kevin Axtell’s fire safety presentation covered everything from set up of a fuel depot, types and differences of fuel, safe transportation and shake off of fuels and props and more. Kevin is a seasoned fire safety professional and also offers great tips on how to present yourself and speak as a professional, to everybody from venue owners, fire officials, and your audience.

Pyrotrania had a great group of people this year and everybody had a chance to teach, learn and practice skills like Poi, Fire Breathing, Magic Wand, Hooping, Dragon Spinning, and many more. There was something to challenge andThe Firewalking Center Home of Tolly Burkan Kevin Axtell Steve Consalvez inspire everybody, from the first timer to the seasoned spinner.

It was exhilarating and heartwarming to watch people break through personal barriers, with challenges like the board and arrow break,
and the glass and firewalk. Each activity is designed to mentally challenge people. Each activity requires you to pay attention to your thoughts, expect the best and go for it! It is amazing to watch the transformation in people when they accomplish tasks they previously thought were impossible! They begin to realize how many other things they can accomplish if they simply PAY ATTENTION, EXPECT THE BEST AND GO FOR IT!

It was great to see this community of Pyrotraniacs grow.  I hope to see everybody next year!

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Pytrotrania The Firewalking Center Home of Tolly Burkan Kevin Axtell Steve Consalvez