“Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” ~Mooji

MandyLeonardo-154In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined I would have the power to live the life I do today.  Ever since I discovered the power that fire holds, it has been the driving force in my personal metamorphosis into the person I now choose to be; an individual who continues to step through her fears of the unknown and into a life that is fueled by empowerment and self-worth.  I now seek to fulfill what has become my mission: to serve the world by teaching others how to harness their own personal power through the trans-formative strength of fire.
As a child growing up on suburban Long Island, I floated through my life doing the things I was “supposed to do.”  I went to college, got a job, got married, planned on having kids, and buying a dream house.  I was checking off the boxes on the “To Do” list of life.  On the outside I appeared happy.  But on the inside I felt utterly lost and unfulfilled.  When this realization finally hit me, I made one the hardest decisions in my life.  I ended my marriage.
A few months later I met a man who changed my life. On our second date he put Fire in my hands and I was hooked.  The rush of the sound when you’re in it, the smell, the color, the heat, the light, and the feeling of power that comes from holding something in your hands that you were once fearful of. It is an experience unlike anything I had ever encountered.
OU4_9983Experiencing the power of fire was the beginning of great changes for me.  I was opening up and beginning a journey of exploring this world of new fire-fueled possibilities! There was, however, another turning point for me where I needed to make a crucial life choice.
I can vividly remember that day sitting in my ugly gray cubicle at work, staring blankly at the computer and holding a bottle of Vicodin. It was about 3 p.m. and I realized I had just swallowed down nearly half the bottle.  In that moment, I made a conscious decision to stop running from who I was, and truly face my fears. Much like my embracing of fire, I knew it was time to face the uncertainty of a better life.  I knew that the pain of feeding my addictions and living in stagnation was far greater than any challenge I could take on in claiming responsibility for my entire life so that I could consciously create a life beyond which I had ever imagined possible.
I let go of the prescription drugs, disordered eating habits, and un fulfilling relationships.  I even healed a 30 year battle with chronic migraines which was something I had believed was impossible my entire life.  I followed my dream all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast. As I made my way to sunny Southern California I was always supported by the amazing fire family with whom I had cultivated a true, honest and loving relationship with.

“Attending a Firewalking & Empowerment retreat would soon become another game-changer for me.”

tending teacher
The first time I participated, I was still frustrated by the nagging feeling that I was unclear about my mission on this planet.   Taking on the task of breaking boards, snapping an arrow with my neck, and of course, walking across that bed of coals truly helped me to understand how I was still not living up to my full potential.   Fire gave me the ability to clearly envision the ways in which I was still lying to myself and limiting my true life’s potential.  That first Firewalking & Empowerment retreat was an incredible and eye-opening weekend that I shared with other like-minded souls. We had the opportunity to openly share our greatest dreams and the fears that were holding us back from achieving them.  Together we supported and encouraged each other to breakthrough our fears through every exercise.  I left that weekend with a newfound belief in myself and have been unstoppable ever since!
MndyI can now proudly say that I am a Certified Firewalking Instructor, Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist who helps people unmask their fears so they can live in their greatest potential and fulfill their destiny!  I’ve realized that by engaging in countless encounters with “the flame”, that I truly DO believe in myself!  Fire has taught me that we are so much more powerful than we think, and our ability to heal ourselves & step through our fears is far greater than we have ever imagined!
If you have ever considered attending a Firewalking & Empowerment retreat, there is no better time than NOW.  No one is going to come save you, fix your life for you or tell you how to make your dreams come true.  The answers you are seeking lie within your commitment to yourself & action you are willing to take to live in your full potential.  That FLAME of passion burning inside is waking you up to help you discover just how powerful you are and that YOU are capable of being anyone you desire to be.  Feed your flame by taking that big leap into the unknown so you can fulfill your destiny!
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