How Taking the Firewalking Instructor Training With Tolly Burkan Changed My Life- By Jacob Nawrocki

  It was an early afternoon and the sun pierced through the tall patio doors of The Firewalking Center in Twain Hart, California. I sat calmly in my chair as I hung onto every word of Tolly Burkan’s deep and emotionally charged story. I did not expect to feel such an impact from my time at The Firewalking Center, but it helped me gain a deeper understanding of the undeniable benefits of firewalking. I had my first firewalking experience a few months before I stepped foot into The Firewalking Center . I didn’t know what to expect, but afterward I [...]

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Top 10 Benefits of The Firewalking Center’s Empowerment Seminars With Tolly Burkan

Fire walking is a profound experience, and a highly effective tool for personal transformation. If you love a challenge and want to take your life to the next level by empowering yourself with cutting edge personal development tools, take The Firewalking Center's empowerment seminars and see why millions of people, around the globe, use Tolly Burkan's teachings as tools for self empowerment.  I was fortunate enough to take his seminars, and these are my top 10 tools I learned, and will use for the rest of my life! Empowerment- The Firewalking Center's seminars and teachings will help you identify and remove any [...]

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Congratulations Rick and Kelly!

Rick and Kelly Hauf, recent F.I.T. graduates,  held their first empowerment seminar and firewalk over Valentine's Day weekend, here at The Firewalking Center. Based on the teachings of Tolly Burkan, founding father of The Firewalking Center and the firewalking movement in North America, Rick and Kelly's seminar included many exercises designed specifically to teach people to pay attention, overcome fears, Let It Be Easy, expect the best and go for it! We are the creators of our own reality.  Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create our experience and therefore our reality.  The day you begin to pay attention, 100%, and [...]

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Jonah’s Journey “My Firewalking Instructor Training”

By Jonah Digirolamo At 23 years of age I arrived in the Sacramento airport, my last $20 in pocket, to meet with someone I had never met, in order to train as a Firewalk Instructor. Upon exiting the plane I promptly retrieved my bag and searched for the man I only knew as “Carlos”, a fellow Student at the training. As it turns out, he was an unassuming looking gentleman from the Dominican Republic, wearing an old Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, I greeted him with a hug and together we picked up the rental car. I entered the car with Carlos [...]

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How Becoming a Firewalking Instructor Changed My Life

By Thomas Waymouth "Years ago I traveled to California to take the Firewalking Instructor Training with Kevin Axtell so that I could learn how to lead firewalking activities for others. What I got whas so much more than just firewalking.  I embarked upon empowerment, leadership skills, and intense vivid challenges that I still remember 5 years later." The Firewalking Instructor Training with Kevin Axtell changed my life forever.  Even though I already knew that I was capable of a lot, I realized after the FIT that I was aiming low and not really giving my dreams the effort they deserved. [...]

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THE CORE TEACHINGS With Tolly Burkan  JULY 20-24, 2016

Last one before Tolly retires! This 5-Day Empowerment Retreat, with Tolly Burkan, features his world renowned CORE TEACHINGS: Be There Now Let It Be Easy Watch Your Thoughts Your Challenges Are Gifts Pay Attention, Expect the Best, Go For It Each of the five days involves several hours with Tolly Burkan, in an intimate setting in his beautiful home, located in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California. Within this setting, Tolly shares the most growth-producing activities he has developed over a career of 42 years. You will experience the same transformation that Tolly catalyzed in such leaders as Tony Robbins, [...]

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September 29th - October 1st, 2017 in beautiful Vista California The world's first and longest-running retreat of its kind. Join us and experience the transformational power of firewalking, fire dancing, board-breaking, juggling, intention setting, group activities, and so much more all combined into 1 life-changing experience! In addition to these activities will be world class prop manipulation and skill based workshops. Designed to grow your skill and your will to new heights! Pyrotrainia 2017 Instructor KaytiBunny Beginners welcome!  Early Bird General Admission tickets are live now! Get your tickets and reserve your spot today! Ticket price goes up every month [...]

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FIREWALKING INTENSIVE TRAINING April 1-3, 2016 With Tolly Burkan

Tolly Burkan, founder of the global firewalking movement, conducts both group certification and private Firewalking Instructor Certification  in Northern California. The course contains everything needed to be a successful Firewalking Instructor. All the famous instructors world-wide learned from Tolly Burkan, including Tony Robbins, Peggy Dylan, Andy Harrington, Edwene Gaines and Harv Eker. The training takes three days, and also features several special guest instructors, including the renowned fire-handler Kevin Axtell. While you will learn how to lead your own firewalks, this course is about much more than just firewalking, the personal growth, spirituality, and leadership skills you will recieve will change [...]

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The Kinetic Fire Firewalking Instructor Intensive Training for Flow Artists

ANNOUNCING THE FIRST EVER FIREWALKING INSTRUCTOR TRAINING FOR FLOW ARTISTS May 16th – 18th @ Hannon’s Camp America Ohio, USA Attention Kinetic and midwest Flow Family! This is your chance to become a Certified Firewalking Instructor. SPACE IS LIMITED TO 20 STUDENTS UPDATE only 3 places remain Along with firewalking, this includes experiencing and learning to facilitate, -Trust Falls -Glass Walking -Goal Setting and Team Building -Board and Brick Breaking -Partner Rebar Bending -The Arrow Break Ceremony and much more! This course will take place immediately before Kinetic Fire 2016 on May 16, 17, 18 2016. Full attendance is required. Days will be [...]

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