TFC-logo-blkFire walking is a profound experience, and a highly effective tool for personal transformation. If you love a challenge and want to take your life to the next level by empowering yourself with cutting edge personal development tools, take The Firewalking Center’s empowerment seminars and see why millions of people, around the globe, use Tolly Burkan’s teachings as tools for self empowerment.  I was fortunate enough to take his seminars, and these are my top 10 tools I learned, and will use for the rest of my life!

    1. Empowerment- The Firewalking Center’s seminars and teachings will help you identify and remove any mental obstacles, bring you clarity and super charge your mind. You will leave with renewed confidence in yourself and your ability to make decisions and conquer life’s challenges.
    2. Enhance your spiritual practice-Walking on fire has been used for several thousand years, by cultures from around the globe as a rites of passage, for healing, initiation and faith.  Introduced to mainstream America,by Tolly Burkan in the 1970s, the practice is still used today for self discovery, empowerment and spiritual growth.
    3. Overcome fear– You will learn to use your fear to tap into your inner power. You will learn that F.E.A.R. is often False Evidence Appearing Real.  Often, the thing that messes us up the most in life the most is the pictures we create in our heads of how it is supposed to be. You will learn to focus on what it is you really want and quiet the chatter and self defeating thought patterns that hold us back from attaining those goals. You will learn that taking the first step is often the hardest and scariest.  But, once that first step is behind you, there is no going back and it’s one of the most exhilarating and empowering experiences of your life. It is something you will remember for the rest of your life.
    4. Pay Attention- If nothing else, you WILL learn to pay attention.  You are about to Walk On Fire!   You need to be paying 100% attention to what is going on, with your thoughts and to what is going on around you. We are so fragmented nowadays.  I think the average attention span is 3 seconds these days.   That is pretty dismal. They say the mind is the new frontier, and that our thoughts create our reality, and our reality creates our experience and our experience creates our lives! Therefore, if you want to
      create the life of your dreams, you first have to learn to pay attention to your thoughts and behaviors. These classes will definitely train you to pay attention!
    5. Develop self awareness-  When you start to pay attention 100%, especially to your thoughts, your self awareness evolves.  You naturally become more conscious of how your thoughts are affecting your emotions, your interactions with others and the universe as a whole.  You begin to
    6. Learn to work with fire- I grew up in the city.  Aside from lighting the occasional DuraFlame log in our fireplace, I never really learned how to make or tend to a fire, so that in itself was empowering for me.
    7. Expanding your comfort zone-  When was the last time, you did something for the first time?  When was the last time you felt that rush of adrenaline that comes with the excitement of trying new and exciting things?  We believe that greatness never comes from comfort zones and we challenge you, to challenge yourself and feel that sense of accomplishment for taking risks and trying new things!
    8. Join the world wide Firewalking Tribe- Once you have attended a seminar, and whether you walk across the hot coals or decide to trust your inner guidance and just watch, you have joined the international tribe of Firewalkers! We are a pretty special group of people who are all working on self empowerment, motivation, facing our fears and taking our spiritual practices to the next level.  You will definitely make friends for life!
    9. Learn to trust your inner guidance- Humans are naturally intuitive animals.  We all have a sixth sense. Most of us have experienced deja vu.   Just like we all know, instinctally that fire is hot and will burn us, we all have an inner guidance, sometimes called a “gut feeling”.  Learn to listen to it, and trust it, always.
    10. The Fire is the teacher- Tolly says it best when he says; “When you walk on that fire, the fire is going to give you something very powerful, something indelible. A teaching. Something that you will take off that fire with  you, and you will have it for the rest of your life.”  Watch the rest of this segment with Tolly, about how the fire is the teacher.


These, of course, are just my top 10 list of benefits you can expect from participating in one of The Firewalking Center, with Tolly Burkan’s seminars.  Each one is different, and each person has his, or her own strengths and challenges, so naturally everybody’s experience will be different.  In all the empowerment seminars I have attended, none of them made such an impact on me, in such a short amount of time, that has lasted the longest.  I will forever be thankful to Tolly Burkan, Kevin Axtell, and Steve Consalvez for their time, their teachings and for reminding me the no matter what challenge I face in life, Let It Be Easy and go for it because you got this!

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Written by Valerie Whetzel