By Thomas Waymouth


“Years ago I traveled to California to take the Firewalking Instructor Training with Kevin Axtell so that I could learn how to lead firewalking activities for others. What I got whas so much more than just firewalking.  I embarked upon empowerment, leadership skills, and intense vivid challenges that I still remember 5 years later.”

The Firewalking Instructor Training with Kevin Axtell changed my life forever.  Even though I already knew that I was capable of a lot, I realized after the FIT that I was aiming low and not really giving my dreams the effort they deserved. The 3 day course gave me the tools and the inspiration to take my life to the next level, but even more importantly, to inspire others to take their lives to the next level.

Within one year of becoming certified to lead firewalks, I had led over 1000 people across hot coals in 4 different countries!  I was getting payed to lead events in places like Costa Rica, Japan, Italy and I even got to lead a firewalk on Europe’s most Active live volcano on the island of Stromboli! 1016868_10200421522924906_1528294154_n

My public speaking skills skyrocketed and I found that what I had learned from The Firewalking Center translates effectively into many different areas of my life.  As Tolly Burkan says, “The Fire is the Teacher” and it taught me to look inside to find my true power.  Walking on fire, breaking boards and bricks, walking over broken glass and snapping arrows with your throat isn’t about ego, it’s about learning how you operate under pressure and optimizing how you use your mind and your energy.


I am thrilled to be joining fellow firewalking instructors Kevin Axtell and Jonah DiGirolamo this upcoming May for the First Ever KINETIC FIRE FIT. We will be offering the Firewalking Instructor Training and certification for young flow and fire artists who will be attending Kinetic Fire Festival at a special affordable rate. The event will take place the 3 days immediately leading up to Kinetic Fire Festival onsite at Hannon’s Camp America in Ohio.

The training dates are May 16th, 17th, and 18th 2016. Tuition is $999 with a $250 up front deposit to reserve your space. (there are very limited scholarship discounts still available, email for more info) Space is Limited to 15 total participants and we already have 5 people confirmed and registered so if this calls to you you should RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW. And be sure to follow the event on Facebook to get updates and media about the training.

556359_4114332940921_613252646_nGoing to the FIT (FIT = Firewalking Instructor Training) is like taking a trip to a mental and spiritual blacksmith.  When you come out on the other side you will be a better forged version of yourself capable of inspiring both yourself and others to look beyond their limiting beliefs and dare to grow into the person you dream of being.

I highly recommend this course for anyone and everyone looking to take their art or life to the next level.

Please feel free to contact me by email with any questions.

You can also Email or call Kevin Axtell at or 1-209-353-6327 to discuss tuition, scholarships, and certification.

Article by: Thomas Waymouth

aka “Thom Thumb”

Certified Firewalking Instructor

The Firewalking Center

Kinetic FIT