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Why I Became a Firewalking Instructor

By Krystin Railing I see the look of confusion set into people's eyes when I say “I got certified as a Fire Walking Instructor!”. I can hear innate flight or flight fear responses kick in at just the thought of walking on FIRE or GLASS as they respond  “Can’t you burn yourself?” “How can that be possible?“”Doesn’t that scare you?” And so on.. Yes, In those moments before, you better believe I get scared! My palms get sweaty, my heart races. I KNOW I'm capable but I FEEL fear.  I’m standing in front of broken shards of glass or 1,200 [...]

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How Taking the Firewalking Instructor Training With Tolly Burkan Changed My Life- By Jacob Nawrocki

  It was an early afternoon and the sun pierced through the tall patio doors of The Firewalking Center in Twain Hart, California. I sat calmly in my chair as I hung onto every word of Tolly Burkan’s deep and emotionally charged story. I did not expect to feel such an impact from my time at The Firewalking Center, but it helped me gain a deeper understanding of the undeniable benefits of firewalking. I had my first firewalking experience a few months before I stepped foot into The Firewalking Center . I didn’t know what to expect, but afterward I [...]

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“Ignite Your Power Within” By Mandy Leonardo

“Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” ~Mooji In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined I would have the power to live the life I do today.  Ever since I discovered the power that fire holds, it has been the driving force in my personal metamorphosis into the person I now choose to be; an individual who continues to step through her fears of the unknown and into a life that is fueled by empowerment and self-worth.  I now seek to fulfill what has become my [...]

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Top 10 Benefits of The Firewalking Center’s Empowerment Seminars With Tolly Burkan

Fire walking is a profound experience, and a highly effective tool for personal transformation. If you love a challenge and want to take your life to the next level by empowering yourself with cutting edge personal development tools, take The Firewalking Center's empowerment seminars and see why millions of people, around the globe, use Tolly Burkan's teachings as tools for self empowerment.  I was fortunate enough to take his seminars, and these are my top 10 tools I learned, and will use for the rest of my life! Empowerment- The Firewalking Center's seminars and teachings will help you identify and remove any [...]

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Pyrotrania 2016!

I am still in awe over all the amazingness I experienced at Pyrotrania last weekend. I met so many cool people, who came from near and far to partake in this year's empowerment and training retreat, designed specifically for the fire arts aficionado. The producers of Pyrotrania, renowned fire artists Kevin Axtell and Jermemiah Johnston, sold out their event this year, which was limited to 30 participants. Pyrotrania is sure to keep growing each year, as word gets out and the community continues to grow.  Next is the  Southern California Pyrotrania, October 21-23, 2016!  Tickets go on sale March 1st, are limited and [...]

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Congratulations Rick and Kelly!

Rick and Kelly Hauf, recent F.I.T. graduates,  held their first empowerment seminar and firewalk over Valentine's Day weekend, here at The Firewalking Center. Based on the teachings of Tolly Burkan, founding father of The Firewalking Center and the firewalking movement in North America, Rick and Kelly's seminar included many exercises designed specifically to teach people to pay attention, overcome fears, Let It Be Easy, expect the best and go for it! We are the creators of our own reality.  Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create our experience and therefore our reality.  The day you begin to pay attention, 100%, and [...]

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ELFIT Empowerment Leader & Firewalking Instructor Training

August 5th - 7th and October 14th-16th 2016 Are you ready to step forth into your magnificence while empowering others in the process?  Become empowered and Certified to facilitate: Firewalking, Board Breaking, Glass Walking, Arrow Breaking, Steel Bar Bends, and a variety of Empowerment Exercises and Team Building Activities   You will also ... • Discover, embrace, and confidently live your authentic leadership style. • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles to effective leadership. • Gain crucial organizational, networking and marketing skills. • Become an authentically dynamic communicator and presenter. • Learn to harness and direct the attention of your audience. • Facilitate life transforming empowerment through the use of [...]

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Jonah’s Journey “My Firewalking Instructor Training”

By Jonah Digirolamo At 23 years of age I arrived in the Sacramento airport, my last $20 in pocket, to meet with someone I had never met, in order to train as a Firewalk Instructor. Upon exiting the plane I promptly retrieved my bag and searched for the man I only knew as “Carlos”, a fellow Student at the training. As it turns out, he was an unassuming looking gentleman from the Dominican Republic, wearing an old Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, I greeted him with a hug and together we picked up the rental car. I entered the car with Carlos [...]

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WINNING WITH LOVE by Tolly Burkan November 12-13, 2016

Discovering Unlimited Wealth- This weekend seminar is actually not about money. It is about realizing your connection to the source of unlimited supply; and it is a true spiritual experience. The result: you will NEVER WORRY ABOUT MONEY AGAIN! In one weekend, you will learn how to manifest whatever you desire. You will discover what you now do that prevents you from getting what you want. The process is like learning to use a spiritual muscle. In time, you will be effortlessly creating exactly what you now only dream of. Not only does this seminar teach skills that can be quickly [...]

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